Dynamic holiday experience

Imagine in your mailbox you find a holiday brochure. You page through it, but something seems odd: what is a “dynamic holiday centre” [DHC]? What can that be?

DHC offers you a complete holiday experience; we take you far beyond virtual and augmented reality tours. At DHC you step into the experience; you are the experience, but then without all the hassles of long-distance travelling, erroneous hotel bookings and cancelled day-trips. DHC offers you the full experience.

What’s on offer? At the moment you can choose from 25 different holidays, but monthly new programs are added. To give you an idea what’s already available:

  • Safari in Kenya, which can be extended to include mounting the Kilimanjaro
  • Antarctic cruise with stunning views, charming penguins and a helicopter flight
  • Boat trip along the Nile, with visits to all the famous pyramids, temples and museums.

At DHC these trips last a day. Everything that’s exciting, thrilling and stunning is packed into it. Afterwards you will have the genuine feeling that you were there, have it experienced all  by yourself and that is was just – awesome!

DHC combines all the holiday-experiences ever recorded. Safari’s in Kenya have been done so often over the past years, that all the paths have been taken, all the animals have been spotted, all possible pictures have been made, all the imaginable smells and types of weather have happened and have been recorded. You can imagine, it is a huge data-base.

When you book, you can enter your own preferences, for example Kilimanjaro with snow or without, with fog or sun, with altitude sickness or without. You can choose what you want to experience, or press the ‘random’ button and see what will happen.

If you want, afterwards you can get a personalised digital photo-album and a certificate that you’ve completed this trip. That’s included in the price, hassle-free.

Yes, it’s a condensed version, but isn’t that what happens anyhow? Even a year of backpacking in South-America shrinks to a stack of pictures, a bunch of favourite stories and a few life experiences you will never forget. Well, imagine that this is all on offer now, just for you, at a time that suits you, and at a standard price of £ 249 per person.

Give us a call today! Will you?


                                                                                                [Pieter Mostert, 31 March 2020]

Posted by Kim Down on 31st March 2020 at 12:00am


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