I think so

I ask my son (15) whether he has eaten lunch. “I think so”, he replies. I am sure he thinks a lot, but his response surprised me. So what is it – thinking? Let me think!

Have a look at the questions. First think whether you want to think about them by yourself or with company and think about what they think.

  1. Can you make somebody think?
  2. What does thinking do to you?
  3. Do you trust what you think?
  4. Can you get bored from what you’re thinking?
  5. Does it matter what you think?
  6. Does it matter what others think?
  7. Should you say what you think?
  8. Can you think for someone else?
  9. Why don’t you think what others think?
  10. When did you have an original thought lately?
  11. Are your thoughts nearby?
  12. When did you learn to think?
  13. Can you decide what you think?
  14. Do you keep your thoughts separate?
  15. Is there a thought you have never had yet?


[Pieter Mostert, 3 April 2020]

Posted by Kim Down on 3rd April 2020 at 12:00am


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