A Festival that Pushes the Edge: An interview with Hilary Lawson

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With only a few weeks to go, our specialist philosophy teacher Annie Webster had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Hilary Lawson, director of the Institute of Art and Ideas that hosts the festival. Hilary shares the underlying purposes and aspirations of HowTheLightGetsIn festival and his beliefs around philosophy and education.

Posted by Lucia Araniyasundaran on 5th May 2022 at 12:00am

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Young Philosophers do Fashion!

Our Young Philosophers Project has just completed its third year.  On our most recent trip, we took our group to visit the Istituto Marangon - a school of fashion, in Shoreditch.  There we learned a great deal about what the fashion insiders like to call 'The Industry', and where the inspiration for everyone's taste and choice of clothes come from... who's deciding what we should wear and what we should think looks good?

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New facilitation tool - self-anchoring

What to do when the group go off-topic and simply anchoring won't work. 

Posted by Peter Worley on 17th June 2016 at 12:00am

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Peter Worley | Thought Adventure 41: Here and Elsewhere – thinking about migration and identity

There is a popular approach to doing philosophy with children that involves presenting a stimulus (often a picture book), having the children formulate questions, gathering and sorting the questions and then having the children vote on a question to discuss. There can be great value in this student-centred approach to discussions, however it can make doing P4C in the curriculum more difficult. The reason for this is that, according to the principles of a standard P4C Community of Inquiry in the UK, the children significantly determine the direction of the discussion. So, if you’ve chosen the picture book Elmer by David McKee because you want the class to explore the notion of ‘difference’, there is always the danger that the children will focus on a completely different theme with the question that they vote on or that they naturally move towards during the discussion, such as…

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