Advanced Facilitation of Philosophical Enquiry

Advanced Facilitation of Philosophical Enquiry is further training for those who are interested, and particularly for our Specialist Philosophy Teachers to advance their practice and move up our internal levels.

This stage of our training can take place online or in-person, and is generally only available by invitation. The training takes participants through the following programme:


Day 1 – The Basics 

Parmenides and Diogenes
Inclusionary moves
Concept Box

Day 2 – Expert Facilitation

Working with younger children
Making questions philosophical
First thoughts and emergent question approach
Two kinds of reason-giving
Dialectical and non-dialectical focus

Day 3 – Advanced Facilitation

The Menonic model
Teaching critical thinking skills
Extended Thinking Programme (Metacognition and CT Skills)
Mapper & PIES(S)


Day 4 – Advanced Facilitation

Extended Thinking Programme continued
Aporia & two kinds of confidence
Dialectical session plan
Hokey Kokey / Kokey Hokey
Self-facilitation and coaching
Teaching arguments and hidden premises
Evaluativism and relativism

Advanced Facilitaion of Philosophical Enquiries Training includes one-to-one mentoring for our specialists to take them up a Level in Accreditation with us, please see the attached Facilitator Pathway for further details on this.

Facilitator Pathway