University Courses

Duration: 2 days
Location: Your University
Philosophy Undergraduate and Post Graduate Students (can be combined)

Training for Philosophy Graduates for Outreach, University Teaching and to become Accredited Specialist Philosophy Teachers with The Philosophy Foundation.

The Philosophy Foundation training not only allowed me to take philosophy into local schools, a vital and enjoyable endeavour in itself, but also improved my university teaching and directly contributed to my winning a teaching excellence award. Students of any age can benefit from the supportive, collaborative, autonomous, and intellectually rigorous classroom atmosphere promoted by Philosophy Foundation techniques.

Philip Gaydon, Post-graduate Philosopher Warwick University, 
Level 3 Specialist Philosophy Teacher

The Philosophy Foundation (TPF) trains and accredits philosophy undergraduates, graduates and post-graduates to be able to work with school children in primary and secondary schools.

We train individual philosophers on our Stage 1 Training Course twice a year, and over the last two years have been working directly with Philosophy Departments training their students for Outreach Programmes and Widening Participation.

Students participate in our two day training course, and then go on to train with us in schools. Following this they have the option to complete the accreditation process if they wish to become a specialist philosophy teacher with TPF. Full details of our Stage 1 Training programme and our accreditation pathway can be found on our website, just follow the links.

The Philosophy Foundation’s method of philosophical enquiry (PhiE) falls under the term P4C (see our P4C page for how) and has been developed over 15 years of practice, working directly with the children on a daily basis

If you are a staff member or student and would like to run a course at your university please contact us by emailing

Philosophy Departments

We have really enjoyed working with The Philosophy Foundation. Our students absolutely loved the courses that the Foundation put on for them. Through being challenged to teach philosophical ideas to young people they have come to understand the subject from a different angle. It teaches them valuable skills that will be useful in many career trajectories. And for those who persist, it will offer them the opportunity to teach Philosophy to children and adolescents for the Foundation which, some of the students told me, is a dream vocation for them.

Professor Luc Bovens, Head of Department of Philosophy,
Logic and Scientific Method, LSE

In 2017 we worked with the following Philosophy Departments:

  • Kings College London
  • Edinburgh University
  • University of Southern Denmark

In previous years we have worked with:

  • University College London
  • London School of Economics
  • Birmingham University
  • Oxford Brookes
  • St Mary's College, London
  • Warwick University