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Critical Thinking Masterclass

You can choose any of our masterclasses as stand-alone sessions, they also work well together to help develop teams critical, creative and collaborative thinking. We can run masterclasses in your office or online.

Why this course?

Critical thinkers have better problem-solving skills. They are more resistant to poorly reasoned arguments, have mental resilience and present their ideas persuasively, with impact.

What's the outcome?

By the end of this workshop you’ll have ways of spotting the weakness in an argument and putting it right. You’ll be able to spot and solve problems more effectively, particularly in groups, and have more confidence in your own decision-making process.

What's in the course?

On the course you will learn about the biases that we all carry within us, the rules of logic and fallacy, and guidelines for conducting effective discussions. 

  • List to arguments and analyse them.
  • Practice scientific thinking.
  • Test yourself for bias when examining stories, pictures and real-life scenarios.

Length: 3 Hour Workshop

People: 8-16 Participants

Level: Any 

Where: Client Office or online

"Andy was excellent in his delivery! He is extremely knowledgeable about the subject and can go on different tangents along with questions from the audience. This is very helpful and engaging." 

Vishrut Chatrath, EcoSync

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Kim Down