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Questioning Masterclass

You can choose any of our masterclasses as stand-alone sessions, they also work well together to help develop teams critical, creative and collaborative thinking.

Why this course?

This course will help you create meetings that are more productive and satisfying for all through learning about having an Open Questioning Mindset, which develops:

  • Flexible thinking: changing your thinking depending on new information.
  • A pro-active mindset that is able to experiment, step-forward and take risks whilst accepting accountability.
  • A critical approach to ideas, information and data.
  • Good decision-making.

What’s the outcome?

You will learn how to facilitate discussions, whether one-to-one or in groups, that will enable everyone to contribute high-quality ideas, develop communication skills and to listen without prejudice. After this course will you be able to foster an environment that develops problem-solving skills, collaborative and critical thinking that will incorporate the views and knowledge of everyone in the room, making the most of all the ideas present. You will also learn how assumptions and implicit bias can work in everyday conversations - and how to move away from the negative effects of them.

What’s in the course?

  • Participate in discussions and learn to run them effectively.
  • Reflect on assumptions and how they can impact on discussions and relationships within the workplace.

Length: 3 Hour Workshop

People: 8-16 Participants

Level: Any 

Where: Client Office

I really liked the reframing of criticism as being a collaborative activity. I liked the practical tools, e.g. response detector and the Red/Black game was extremely engaging.

Matthew Frith

For more information email

Emma Worley MBE