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Creative Thinking Masterclass

You can choose any of our masterclasses as stand-alone sessions, they also work well together to help develop teams critical, creative and collaborative thinking. We can run our masterclasses in your office or online.

Why this course?

Creative thinking is vital to any organization. It helps with problem-solving and innovation, risk management and development. Philosophical thinking unlocks the key to creativity. In this masterclass we’ll show you how to build a culture of creativity and innovation in your workplace. You’ll come away understanding your own creativity more clearly and how to deploy it more effectively.

What’s the outcome?

You’ll be given tools for setting up and conducting creative discussions and learn the principles behind developing a creative environment. On the course you will learn what creativity is across all fields; what encourages and discourages creative thinking; and how creation involves innovation and evaluation.

What’s in the course?

  • Discuss what creativity is through philosophical enquiry.
  • Practise using strategies for creativity to solve problems.
  • Learn a 5-step creative thinking process you can use immediately with colleagues.

Length: 3 Hour Workshop

People: 8-16 Participants

Level: Any

Where: Client Office or online

"[the workshop] exceeded my expectations. I was at first skeptical of the premise that creative thinking could follow a process and this process could be taught to people. Following the exercises quickly showed how wrong I was."

Damian Leroux

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Kim Down