Can Philosophy for Children Stop Trump?

Can teaching philosophy to children prevent another Trump from being elected, or even created in the future?  Andy West, a specialist philosophy teacher at The Philosophy Foundation delves into the question... thinking about the history of how we got to where we are now, and also his own experience of doing philosophy with children.  His answer may surprise you...

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Young Philosophers get political at the Houses of Parliament

We took our Young Philosophers on their second trip of 2016-17, to the Palace of Westminster. A knowledgeable tour guide entertained us with gruesome history and factoids about the two Houses of Parliament and this elusive building where so many important decisions are made.  Afterwards we met with a local MP in an old meeting room within the palace walls to discuss the children's thoughts on some big questions...

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Young Philosophers on City Hall and Baddies

We took our group of Young Philosophers on their first trip of 2016-17 to conduct some philosophical explorations around London Bridge.  We went to City Hall and the nearby Unicorn Theatre to watch a play called 'Baddies: The Musical'.  How do you know if you're a good person?  Is it OK to be bad in some people's eyes?  We continue to wonder...

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Be a Philosopher!

World Philosophy Day is here again on Thursday 19th November.

Download free lesson plans from our website to inspire your classes; don a beret or a beard and get thinking!

In Peter Worley’s latest book, 40 lessons to get children thinking (one for every week of the school year, plus a spare, because philosophy isn’t just for a day!), he wants to inspire young thinkers to become philosophers.

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