HowTheLightGetsIn: Synthesising Philosophy & Science

It is hard to imagine that the problems of the twenty-first century will only be solved by science, because data alone cannot mobilise individuals. Does philosophy provide a way forward?

Posted by Lucia Araniyasundaran on 5th October 2021 at 12:00am

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Dynamic holiday experience

Imagine in your mailbox you find a holiday brochure. You page through it, but something seems odd: what is a “dynamic holiday centre” [DHC]? What can that be?

Posted by Kim Down on 31st March 2020 at 12:00am

Can a Rabbit be a Scientist?

Pieter Mostert reflects on his philosophy class of 8 and 9 year olds grappling with the ideas in philosophy and science. 

Posted by Emma Worley on 12th November 2019 at 12:00am

Category: Philosophy

Tags: philosophy for children, Science, Wittgenstein

What Makes Us Who We Are?

By former Philosophy Foundation pupil Alfie Blagg, age 13.

This scary question may make our head hurt or make us panic. What actually makes a human person an individual and what changes through our lives effects who we are. Seven billion people live on Planet Earth today and every single one of them is different; by their facial features, skin colour, personal opinions, size, weight, height, DNA and many other differences. But we can’t deny the change our bodies and minds encounter through our lives. If one was to say that what defines us is our cells and how they are, that would be very incorrect because cells change every seven years.


Posted by on 3rd August 2012 at 12:00am

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