Book Review: 'Mindfulness and The Big Questions'

Review of 'Mindfulness and The Big Questions: Philosophy for Now'. In this book author Ben Irvine proposes using mindfulness to answer the Big Questions that we all face during our lives. 


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Existential Anxiety is Contagious

Ben Irvine, a writer and philosopher, recently contacted The Philosophy Foundation to tell us about his latest book.  Here, he's got an interesting story to tell us about what not to teach those who are new to philosophy.  And what philosophers can and should learn from their pupils.

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Korczak/Hoffman Project

We would like to use the opportunity of celebrating our 10 Year Anniversary to raise funds to work with children in care, and those coming out of care. We are calling this the Korczak/Hoffman Project after the people who inspired it.


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Zombie Elves and Existentialism: Doing Philosophy with Children

In this second blog about our 'literacy and philosophy project', run by The Philosophy Foundation in conjunction with Forest Hill Library, Tim digs into how thinking through stories and sharing ideas created cognitive shifts for the children.  Closing with some wonderful insights on the question: what is a story?

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Storythinking: Immersing Children in Philosophy

Katy and Tim, two newly trained specialists with The Philosophy Foundation were involved with a 'literacy and philosophy project' this term, run by The Philosophy Foundation in conjunction with Forest Hill Library - to get the children thinking through stories and storytelling.  They've both written about their experience, and in this first blog, Katy has some stories to tell about frogs, scorpions and how one mini-philosopher became Sartre for a day.

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