Parent feedback

You’ve been fantastic! ...[my daughter] has loved the sessions. I wasn’t sure how she’d take to them, but she has been incredibly enthusiastic, and commented on how you enable discussions in ways she’s (sadly) not used to at school. 

Philosophy sessions run by trained philosophers in education. Open to children in and outside of the UK, home-schooled children, anyone on lockdown or wherever else you maybe. All are welcome. The sessions are hosted on Zoom which children to discuss the philosophical questions in groups of up to 15, with an expert facilitator. Choose your timeslot below.

Thursday sold out

Thursdays at 4pm (BST)

Sign up at any point to join our ongoing sessions. These are in the afternoon. Ideal for UK and USA (9am in LA) if you would like to join during the day. 

They are bookable in three week blocks. Join us through eventbrite below:


If you would like a session at a different time or join an already started course, you can! Simply use the contact button on the right.

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