Key Stage 2 (7 to 11 years old)

You’ve been fantastic! ...[my daughter] has loved the sessions. I wasn’t sure how she’d take to them, but she has been incredibly enthusiastic, and commented on how you enable discussions in ways she’s (sadly) not used to at school. 


What's the big idea?

We have been running philosophy sessions on schools and nurseries for over 10 years. We tell stories, pose problems and ask questions that get children thinking. Our sessions aim to improve children's:

Engagement with philosophical questions at their level. e.g. Should I share the cake?

  • Speaking skills e.g. explaingin their own ideas
  • Listening skills e.g. responding relevently to what other children say
  • Reasoning skills

What is philosophy online?

Our philosophers run philosophical conversations through online meeting software. You join in with other people your age. The philosopher provides questions and stimuli and you pick them apart, try to answer, listen to others' ideas and draw your own conclusions in a safe online space. 

We can also run one-to-one tutoring sessions for those doing RE & Ethics or Philosophy A-Level, or one-to-one sessions without an exam in site!

Thursdays at 4.30pm (UK time)

The next block of 5 sessions starts on Thursday 1st of October. Ideal for UK and USA (9am in LA) if you would like to join during the day. 

Join us through eventbrite below: