Philosophy in School

As well as our own resources, here is a selection of books written by other philosophy in school practitioners and theorists which we think are really helpful for getting philosophy into the classroom.

Something to Prove: philosophy, community of inquiry & creative thinking by Andrea Monteath

The Little Book of Thunks by Ian Gilbert

Philosophy for Young Children by Berys Gaut & Morag Gaut

20 Thinking Tools by Philip Cam

Teaching Ethics in Schools by Philip Cam

Think Again: A Philosophical Approach to Teaching by John Taylor

Childhood, Education and Philosophy by Walter Kohan

Games for Thinking by Robert Fisher

Philosophy in Schools (ed) Michael Hand & Carrie Winstanley

Philosophy for Children through the secondary curriculum (ed) Lizzy Lewis & Nick Chandley

Philosophy in the Classroom by Matthew Lipman, Ann Margaret Sharp & Frederik S Oscanyan

Transforming Thinking Philosophical Inquiry in the Primary and Secondary Classroom by Catherine McCall

Picture Books, Pedagogy and Philosophy by Joanna Haynes & Karin Murris

Plato Was Wrong by David Shapiro

Discussions in Science by Tim Sprod

Big Ideas for Little Kids by Thomas E Wartenberg

Philosophy for Kids by David White

The Philosophical Child by Jana Mohr Lone

Philosophy in Education: Questioning and Dialogue in School by Jana Mohr Lone & Michael D Burroughs

Discussion Questions for Doing Philosophy Using Literature, Centre for Philosphy for Children, Washington University (Website)