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Preface to Corrupting Youth by Peter Worley

"Whether Socrates’ project of engaging the young people of Athens in philosophical conversations was a corrupting one lies in whether we think that this kind of dialectical relationship with our own city, country, values and ‘gods’ is a healthy one. And it is this question that the book you now have in your hands asks its readers. For my part, I believe that it is an unhealthy state that forbids dialogue, questioning and any discomfort that may follow from this. If the encouragement of these forms of exchange is corrupting, then it is a ‘virtuous corruption’; one worth defending, even dying for.

Currently, PhiE is not fully described in a single publication, so the aim of this book (volume 1 and 2) is to bring the method together from all its disparate sources into one publication. The emphasis of this book is to place PhiE firmly in the Socratic tradition and more explicitly than most other approaches to doing philosophy in schools and other settings. But it also expands PhiE’s influences beyond Socrates to a broader ancient Greek tradition, including those that preceded him and those that followed, in both senses of the word ‘follow’."


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Corrupting Youth Volume 1: History and Principles of Philosophical Enquiry (PhiE)
Corrupting Youth Volume 2: How to Facilitate Philosophical Enquiry (PhiE)

These two books give the history, principles and practical aspects of facilitating PhiE, including the latest work The Philosophy Foundation have been doing on teaching critical thinking and metacognition.

All online material for these two books (Table of Moves, Music, Transcripts) will be found here once the book is published in February 2021.

Corrupting Youth is part of the Big Ideas for Young Thinkers Series edited by Tom Wartenberg.