The Numberverse

This book reminds us that it is not enough to teach the basic of mathematics, but also to ask why it exists and what a world without it may be like. I believe that by understanding why something exists or was created, we are further drawn into a subject. It is not just a case of knowing your times tables, but understanding the needs that led to their creation. The more we understand why, the more we are drawn into the adventure of learning.

Foreword by Robin Ince, comedian, actor & writer. Presenter of The Infinite Monkey Cage

The Numberverse by Andrew Day

The Numberverse addresses the conceptual development of number and shows how to build firm foundations in maths - ideal for use by primary and secondary teachers (of children aged 7-13 years old) or parents who want to inspire their children, but perhaps never enjoyed maths themselves.

The Numberverse takes you on journey into the world of numbers, which are over our heads, under our feet, and all around us.

The Numberverse is especially for people who don’t like maths. If you’re one of those people who find maths boring, hard, annoying or pointless then The Numberverse is for you to enjoy.

First we’ll look at stuff you find all around you. In the walls and in church arches. In pine cones and petals. Carry on looking and numbers will start jumping out, patterns will appear before your eyes, and you will see the secrets of The Numberverse opening up to you. And we won't stop there. Would you like to know the history of zero? And what people did before zero was invented? And how people got along without fractions and percentages before they were invented? Do we even need them, anyway?

It’s all in The Numberverse. And you will understand every word of it if you can understand what you are reading now. It’s true: if you can count, and you are curious… well, then you have all the knowledge you need for the journey.

You can’t expect to pluck a new topic out of the ether if it seems completely unrelated to any previous knowledge you might have, and the same goes for your students. For primary and secondary teachers to use with children aged 7 – 13 years, The Numberverse takes you through a series of thought experiments, activities, stories and histories which build the foundations for a deep understanding (and maybe even love!) of maths.

If maths has always been a closed book to you, now is the time to turn to the first page.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no test ANYWHERE in this book.