Associated Teachers

Sorted By Certification

Level 4 (1)
Rob Torrington
Level 2 (13)
Saul Douris
Bethany Duck
Sarah Gillett
Amna Hamza
Steve Harding
Fran Hawkins
David Jenkins
Kevin McArevey
Daniel Miracapillo
Unathi Ndlwana
Hoornaz Shayesteh manesh
Keiyshia Sullivan
Louise Toner
Level 1 (8)
Sandra Calder
Fiona Kiff
Elizabeth Mackintosh
Brent Perry
Ana Sekulic
Charlie Thompson
James Tipney
Tim Wilds

What does our certification for Associated Teachers mean?

Level 1 - has demonstrated a grasp of the basic principles, procedures and questioning strategies during an enquiry.

Level 2 - has demonstrated an ability to use the basic principles, procedures and questioning strategies and can follow and deepen the children’s conceptual understanding.

Level 3 - can integrate the questioning / enquiry skills and strategies into their curriculum teaching. These teachers can also support other teachers, and develop their own lesson plans.

Level 4 - these teachers make use of key facilitation skills to help teach critical thinking alongside running enquiries.

Certification is only kept for a year, and on-going observation and professional development is needed to retain Associated Teacher status.