Associated Teachers

Sorted By Certification

Level 4 (1)
Rob Torrington
Level 3 (1)
Tim Wilds
Level 2 (16)
Saul Douris
Bethany Duck
Sarah Gillett
Amna Hamza
Steve Harding
Fran Hawkins
David Jenkins
Kevin McArevey
Daniel Miracapillo
Unathi Ndlwana
Yolanda Saunders
Hoornaz Shayesteh manesh
Keiyshia Sullivan
James Tipney
Louise Toner
Lucy Williams
Level 1 (6)
Sandra Calder
Fiona Kiff
Elizabeth Mackintosh
Brent Perry
Ana Sekulic
Charlie Thompson

What does our certification for Associated Teachers mean?

Level 1 - has demonstrated a grasp of the basic principles, procedures and questioning strategies during an enquiry.

Level 2 - has demonstrated an ability to use the basic principles, procedures and questioning strategies and can follow and deepen the children’s conceptual understanding.

Level 3 - can integrate the questioning / enquiry skills and strategies into their curriculum teaching. These teachers can also support other teachers, and develop their own lesson plans.

Level 4 - these teachers make use of key facilitation skills to help teach critical thinking alongside running enquiries.

Certification is only kept for a year, and on-going observation and professional development is needed to retain Associated Teacher status.