Testimonials from schools

Teacher at St Peter's Church Aided School

“It has been absolutely wonderful this year to work with the Philosophy Foundation. Throughout the year, in spite of the challenges of remote learning, Miriam has worked with groups of pupils, enabling them to think more deeply, more analytically and more confidently. Some of These peoples have considerable barriers to learning and others considerable social barriers; each and everyone of the children that Miriam has been working with have grown in confidence and self belief, enjoying the sessions whilst finding them challenging. It has been an invaluable personal experience for these individuals many of whom come from disadvantage backgrounds. It has also been a fundamental importance in our development of our whole school curriculum – we now Have Philosophy on our timetables each week for all of year seven and all of year eight pupils – we are very much looking forward to the ongoing training and support that the Philosophy Foundation are providing for us."

Julie Loffstadt

Headteacher at Horniman Primary School

"We have had Philosophy at Horniman for a number of years and even with our ever decreasing budgets it is something we will ensure we continue to do. It supports all children in a number of ways; giving all a level of confidence and understanding to their thought, enabling them to challenge all aspects of their learning and experiences. We do Philosophy from year 2 and the impact by year 6 is clearly measurable. It can also be seen through the way children are able to articulate themselves giving them a valuable life skill."

D. R. Ball

Principal at Eastcote Primary School

"Andy West from TPF has been working with many of our children for over two years.  We have been impressed by the depth and quality of the discussions he has led in classes and the way he has enabled children to think and reason analytically, answer and ask complex questions and develop understanding in key areas of the curriculum.  For example, in the context of a history topic, a year three class debated the nature of language and the possibility of thought apart from language, whilst a year six class examined the nature of temperance as a part of PSHE."

Callum Ward

Ellison Boulters CE Academy

"It has brought a unique value to the curriculum over the course of the programme which has allowed some children to flourish. It has also challenged other children who flourish in core subjects, for example, to extend their thinking in a completely different context. It has been really interesting to see that a philosophical approach can be adopted using existing resources; it's more about approaching a topic/stimulus with a different lens/perspective. Also, I have learnt that philosophy doesn't necessarily adopt a particular stance and all opinions are explored and subsequently celebrated."

Helen Holland

The Cotswold School Academy

"The day [of philosophy] was a huge success. I was fortunate enough to be in with a group at the end - they were engaged, taking part, focused. It was lovely to see this side of some students who have in the past been problematic. Feedback throughout the day from the students that I saw was very positive … Teachers who were supervising were very impressed with the activities and also how the team dealt with discussion - facilitating deeper questions and dealing with any issues. 

It has been a real pleasure to have The Philosophy Foundation back at The Cotswold School and hopefully we can continue this in the future."

The Gipsy Hill Federation of Primary Schools

“You've done a fantastic job in spreading the word, - and fostering a love - for philosophy in every school you've worked in. The input and training our staff have received from you has been fantastic, and it's completely changed everyday classroom practice as a result."