Testimonials from Businesses

Dan Berelowitz

Chief Executive and Founder of International Centre for Social Franchising (ICSF)

"The breakfast sessions we did with Philosophy Foundation were a great opportunity to introduce new and refreshing thinking to the whole ICSF team, applicable to so many areas of our work. We have already applied the questioning approaches to our facilitation of workshops to draw out better answers and logic to development of our own internal systems and processes. We did the workshops not knowing what to expect and we are glad we did!"  

Philosophy sessions with ICT team at BP

Navin Ganesh

"Definitely worthwhile … [I] think it’s a good initiative in terms of teaching kids from an early age about philosophy. And happy to support in anyway. Business would benefit greatly from some of these insightful discussions – In terms of the way teams function internally and externally. Also in how they approach problem solving and it would help develop a skill set that is not always fully utilized."


Sarah Bellis

"I enjoyed the session and was left wanting more. I think it was an excellent opportunity to engage in a different way of thinking and was nice to give more broader [sic] topics more thought. In our jobs, I think we become very polarised on our activities and barely get a chance to sit back and use the rest of our brains. I think it would be something that many people in our business would benefit from. I also thought that it was a useful insight into my colleagues and how they think. We attend other courses that talk about how people approach problems/ideas in different ways, but this was a great illustration of that and felt more useful than just trying to put people in boxes."


Hazel Wolstenholme

"I really enjoyed the session. It was a great opportunity to think much more deeply and reflect about what we do and why we do it. I also enjoyed listening to what my colleagues’ views and thoughts were. The game at the start of the session really got the energy going in the room … I think a 1 hour session is too short and 2 hours would allow people to relax and really open their mind."


Hormoz Ala

"I thoroughly enjoyed the session and it was very enlightening how people think and understand concepts differently, which is can be a source of confusion in meetings."


Mychael Obaseki 

"I thought the meeting was very good and well presented; [it] made you ask a lot of interesting questions and also allowed you get a peek into how people process information and perspective in their critical thinking skills … it may be useful for business critical thinking & think tanks [or] analytics groups or for compliance training or for managerial training on interacting with employee or making employee work more efficiently by better understand how each of them are motivated."