Testimonials from children and parents

Margherita Trotta - Parent

"My children attended their first lesson yesterday afternoon. I really need to express all my gratitude, they loved it so much, they were super excited. My daughter who is 9 said she wants to do another course after this, and my son who is 7 and a half said "Mummy my brain is fuming, in a good way!".
To have this kind of stimulus in these very disruptive times is something precious. So thank you again."

Katya Langmuur - parent

"I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for the work that Tim has been doing for the KS2 group. My son is an unusually thoughtful child and his school, caring though it is, doesn't provide the space that he craves to explore his creative thinking mind. These sessions are like a small oasis in the busy week for him. Although I haven't been listening in per se, I've been aware that Tim's patient, open and inquisitive approach has met my son where he needs to be met. Thank you."

Melahat Sener - online pupil

"I have been attending these online Philosophy sessions, which are developing my thinking and communication skills and confidence. I truly look forward to these sessions and I feel like I am in a different dimension where time doesn't tick the same way it does in daily life.

I want to do the same thing Will is doing for us, for other Turkish people who, like myself, are new to the UK and are struggling with the language barrier. I want to give them a platform in which they can share their ideas and truly be themselves without worrying about any judgement."

Brendon McMahon - parent

"My son has found your sessions thought-provoking in ways he has not experienced before and as such has been awaiting each session with some enthusiasm. Thank you so much for your encouragement throughout, and particularly for providing this escape from lockdown mundanity for so many weeks. Really worthwhile work that I am certain has been valued by many others too."

Faith Lawrence - parent and teacher at Urmston Primary School

"It was a ray of light for my son in such a boring, tough period - he is still talking about them and the ideas raised. He has been busy putting post-it notes of the ideas that were explored on his wall today."