COVID-19 impacted heavily on schools’ decision to keep philosophy. Despite this the majority stayed with us and we managed to reach 3,900 children through regular philosophy sessions in schools and in the community. Our Social Impact Report 2020-21 gives an insight into how we continued to achieve our mission during this challenging year.

My son, who is 7 and a half said, "Mummy my brain is fuming, in a good way!" “ To have this kind of stimulus in these very disruptive times is something precious. So thank you again!


A Carbon Neutral Plus Charity

Carbon footprint



The Philosophy Foundation is a carbon neutral plus charity. We aim to keep our carbon emissions as low as possible, following guidelines set out below, and any carbon footprint created we offset. When offsetting we will consider our surplus as an organization and if we can sustain our work we will double our offsetting each year in the future, which attempts to redress previous years and also acknowledges our responsibility as a charity living, growing and working in the West. We are aiming to Go Climate+.

Using Carbon Analytics our footprint last fiscal year (2020-21) was 14.2 tCO2e, 33% lower than the average office and we offset 28.4 tCO2e. Our funding supports the Global Portfolio VCS certified carbon reduction programmes across the world via a range of projects that include carbon avoidance, clean and renewable energy generation. Many are within developing countries, where they also provide social benefits.

SE100 2020

SE100 Index 2020


The Philosophy Foundation is a Natwest SE100 2020 company (for the fifth year running) 

The SE100 Index and Social Business Awards is run by NatWest & Pioneers Post every year to name, celebrate and learn from the UK's 100 most impressive social enterprises.

Applicants to the NatWest SE100 are asked to complete a comprehensive survey exploring key aspects of their business performance: from turnover, growth, profit and how effectively they manage their impact, to leadership, resilience and storytelling. 100 Companies are selected from around 300 participants.