Filosofi i Skolen

In 2017 Caroline Schaffalitzky de Muckadell and Esben Peterson from the University of Southern Denmark encouraged us to create our first International Training Programme (an intense Stage 1 accreditation over a week and a half). They are both accredited Specialist Philosophy Teachers with us. Caroline and her team at USD set up the Filosofi i Skolen [Philosophy in the School] project (or FiSK for short...yes, that means fish in Danish, but that's just an inescapable acronym) to bring The Philosophy Foundation's training and accreditation programme to philosophers and teachers in Denmark. Peter and Emma ran training with Caroline and Esben for philosophy graduates, undergraduates and teachers in Denmark in 2018. We are proud to be supporting FiSK and the fantastic work they are doing to bring high quality philosophy for children to schools. FiSK is a research collaboration between the Department of Cultural Sciences (IKV), University of Southern Denmark and Applied Research in Education and Society, University College Lillebælt.

The If Machine is has been translated into Danish.